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Cream of leeks and white truffle

On colder days a soup is ideal for warming up and does not require much effort to make it: today we offer a cream of leeks with red cabbage and the inviting touch of truffle.
Servings: 2


  • enough fresh cream
  • 300 gr leeks
  • enough truffle fondue
  • 300 gr red cabbage
  • enough extra virgin olive oil with white truffle flavour
  • enough salt
  • enough pepper
  • white truffle


  • we clean the leek by depriving it of the green part and removing the first layer, made this we cut washers. Heat a little oil on a pan and let the leek slices dry for a few minutes over medium heat.
    After this step, add the fresh cream and cook, stirring occasionally. When the leek slices are soft, we mix everything with the blender until a cream is obtained. Add two tablespoons of truffle fondutina and let go a few more minutes.
    Finely chop the red cabbage leaves and season them with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and white truffle.
    Serve our creamy soup adding the red cabbage, pepper, salt and truffle slices, in this case white; if we wish we can replace the white truffle with the black truffle and accompany our plate with two hot croutons to complete the velvety.
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